Graphic & Web Design Services

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Custom Designs
We invite you to compare the design and quality of our work to any designer on ebay and the web. We stand behind the service we provide and know we are the best deal around. For the imagery and effects we provide (all custom designs) there is no comparison for the prices we offer you.
You have FULL say in how the design will look and are provided with revisions along the design process.

We offer full support and keep your files for years. Many customers who had a  design done 5 years ago have emailed back hoping we had a copy of their files. To their amazement we had all their files and emailed them a copy for FREE. We only CHARGE by how much time something takes. Emailing a back up copy takes no time and thus no charge. Another reason we are the best deal.

Update Fees
We charge only by how much time something will take. Changing a image on a site may incur no charge to $5.00. We do not charge you for 5 mins of work. Many designers charge for every little thing. Some even charge for talking to you on the phone. WE do not agree with such policies and do not apply them. We are honest and fair…….. and only charge to get our basic hourly wage.

We do no work until we have payment.
We have been burned too often and had to become strict on payments.  That means samples as well. The reason behind this is it is too easy to steal designs. In the past we have had some people email us for samples for free. Once we emailed such samples they went to the cheapest designer and had them copy our samples.

We do not  guarantee or give  refunds!
We provide services and you are paying for our time. There is no such thing as a return policy on services.

We do not give endless revisions for free!
Most packages come with  2 free  revisions. After that there is a revision free for each time we touch the said design.

60 Day Deadline:
There is a 60 day deadline for you to provide the content (including images) that your order may need to be completed. After this deadline there will be a fee(s) to complete the work. After 60 days we will consider the order abandoned by you or completed to your satisfaction. This policy is do to the fact a high % of people seem to drop off the internet and come back months even years later thinking they still are owed something. We work hard to complete your order is a timely manner.